Enter Username, Email Address, then click on Profile
12/05/20 12:17 PM
kbwizard: [link]
12/05/20 12:17 PM
kbwizard: Can I request Nothing but a man if available Thanks,
12/05/20 12:16 PM
kbwizard: Hi MaxDugan,
12/05/20 06:23 AM
Meiko: Hi Max.. Can i request an anime? Prison School uncensored version? thank you in advance
12/05/20 05:06 AM
Venus: Hi Max: Do you have the ebook "The Congo Mercenary" by Mike Hoare? Thank you.
12/05/20 01:17 AM
Torrid: Hi. Any chance of getting "The Croods A New Age?" Thank you..
12/05/20 12:40 AM
EvilSon: Hi Max, do you have a software called Live2D Cubism PRO 3, thank you in advance if you can upload it
12/04/20 11:50 PM
superkraut: Hello Max and AYL team. Hope you are all well. I am looking for a real oldie "" Hitlerjunge Quex 1933 ( English Titel is: Our Flags Lead Us Forward ) "" the movie is from 1933
12/04/20 08:31 PM
michaeb: Hi Max. Any chance of getting a Loreena Mckennitt discography? Thank you
12/04/20 07:04 AM
echo0449: Please HELP : I am getting an error message Invalid IP in VPN. do you have this software I believe can fix this to post??? I found this "To repair Invalid Ip errors, use the Restoro software package" would you have it?? Thanks guys for your help
12/04/20 02:42 AM
mzzondo: Request: Into the Labyrinth 2020
12/03/20 11:13 PM
jjj: Not sure if this one is possible but my son would love it if you could find "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: We Wish You a Turtle Christmas" Thanks and keep up the good work
12/03/20 09:56 AM
Speedboy: Hi Max and team, could you please upload "Bombers B-52"? Thanks kindly. Speedy.
12/03/20 09:28 AM
paulyr: Hi Max, Any chance you have the Minions holiday special that aired 11/27? Keep up the excellent work!
12/03/20 03:36 AM
marcdi63: Hi Max, can you find [link] please. Cheers
12/03/20 02:00 AM
subzero: Hi Max & Team, do you have the latest version of Any Video Converter Ultimate? Thanks.
12/03/20 12:47 AM
Sandip: Can you please upload master trader program by mark minervini which was held online this year. It is worth 5000dollars but selling outside for 250 dollars.
12/03/20 12:05 AM
David: Hi Max woukd you have access to the Tim Mielants Dutch movie - Patrick by any chance. Best regards David
12/02/20 11:52 PM
Donald Moore: Earth to Echo (2014) Max can u re upload this for me the files that is listed is being reported that the dervice is not working and my grandson asked me to get this movie for him
12/02/20 10:12 PM
HerbalT: HI there, hope you folks are all well. There was a UK TV show from the 70s called‘The Sweeney’. I am looking to find Series 4, and the spinoff movie ‘Sweeney 2’ [link] . Would you please have a look and see if you can work your magic and find them? Your help and hard work is very much appreciated. HT (I had posted this elsewhere when cbox was down - so apologies if you already looked)
12/02/20 02:44 PM
Lustful: Hi Max, hope you can help me solve this: Been busy and moved where I live. My Rarefile membership expired. Now I want to get back to doing what I enjoy. Windows 10 or something is preventing me from joining Rarefile. When I click on any link to join Rarefile, my browser takes me there but let me click on links there. The address bar on my browser says Not Secure, in front of the webpage address. Can you help me Max> Got a work-around? I emailed Rarefile yesterday but no reply yet. Tha
12/02/20 01:52 PM
Lustful: Hi Max, I hope you can help - Please!
11/30/20 04:02 PM
Paul f: Hi max. Do you have the latest UK top 40 and billboard top 100. Thanks
11/30/20 07:32 AM
latindjlulu: Hi Max, can you get the 8 film Harry potter series in 4K format? thank you.
11/30/20 01:42 AM
el gerry: Hi Max. Would you be able to upload Neil Diamond – Classic Diamonds With The London Symphony Orchestra in Flac. Thank you
11/29/20 05:08 PM
LazySusan: Tyson v Jones PPV?
11/29/20 04:30 PM
Yaoganmid: Thanks in advance. Kindly reupload Modem Booster 5.0 Retail. Thanks a lot !
11/29/20 07:55 AM
macv: max can you get the movie bitter love bitter blood
11/28/20 08:33 PM
Ned: Hi Max. There hasn't been new 3D movies available. Are you focusing on 4K instead of 3D? Please add some new 3D moviers also.
11/28/20 04:02 PM
bez: would you have the hurricane (1999)
11/28/20 03:15 PM
tigger2424: Max, apologies - it is there, not sure why i did not find it first time. Best regards
11/28/20 03:09 PM
Tigger2424: Hi Max, Could you please find Something's Gotta Give (2003) please. Thanks
11/28/20 01:35 PM
GrumpiGrampi: Would you please try and find a 1998 movie called The Temptations. Their was also a TV mini series by the same name. Thank you so much!
11/28/20 06:56 AM
Kronite2020: Hello - can you find the movie "Hold Your Man" , 1933, with Jean Harlow?
11/28/20 06:56 AM
Kronite2020: Hello,
11/28/20 06:56 AM
Kronite2020: Can you find the tv series "Corrupt Crimes"?
11/28/20 03:23 AM
gentlewolf4: Can you find an old tv show call Laredo? It was on for two seasons. Thank you
11/28/20 02:04 AM
filmnoir1988: Can you find Spy Story 1976 directed by Lindsay Shonteff?
11/27/20 10:21 PM
echo0449: or / and this please Best of Rare Earth
11/27/20 10:21 PM
echo0449: Please this album can you post it "Best of Rare Earth"
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