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05/14/20 11:03 PM
Maverick: The Chat Box will be locked again to ensure that everyone will read this message.
05/14/20 11:02 PM
Maverick: 1. Please READ the GUIDELINES above before using the ChatBox.
05/14/20 11:02 PM
Maverick: 2. Requests posted as a comment on any of the post will be prioritized more than requests on the ChatBox.
05/14/20 11:02 PM
Maverick: 3. Several requests coming from the same person using different usernames will not be entertained - Admins can see the IP addresses.
05/14/20 10:44 PM
Maverick: Rickfen, please READ the guidelines above, thank you
05/14/20 10:23 PM
tatishina: Would it be possible to get the audiobooks for the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park?
05/14/20 10:23 PM
tatishina: Hello and happy May to Max and all the team!
05/14/20 09:56 PM
rickfen: thanks for everything, Max
05/14/20 09:56 PM
rickfen: HI Max, can you reupload these two. The Hero of Color City and LEGO Friends Girlz 4 Life (2016)
05/14/20 01:39 PM
aziz: Max, please upload "Solarwinds IP Address Manager"
05/14/20 01:38 PM
Hugito: any chance on getting the bands "AFI" entire music collection? thanks
05/14/20 12:22 PM
Joe: Max Do you have or can get your hands on TV Series "Transplant" thanks in advance for your assistance
05/14/20 12:15 PM
Derek Deeff: Also, not sure if these are available anywhere, but I would love the El Bulli cookbooks if they exist online. Thank you.
05/14/20 12:11 PM
Derek Deeff: Hi Max, any chance you could add Little Baby Bum (children's series on Netflix)? Thanks!!
05/14/20 10:55 AM
zorro980: Hi Max ,
05/14/20 08:26 AM
al: is there a stripperella tv series?
05/14/20 06:03 AM
dee: Hello Max, may i request for Wreck It Ralph 2? Thank you. :)
05/14/20 05:56 AM
obruni13: Thanks for all can you upload 3D Printing with Autodesk 123D, Tinkercad, and MakerBot Cline
05/14/20 04:29 AM
M: Hey Max!! I'm looking for Mr. Suave 2003 please. With english subtitles please
05/13/20 11:46 PM
JRTE: Hi Max,Im looking for: La Reina del Flow Netflix spanish TV series
05/13/20 10:47 PM
Gord: Hoping we could get the software called: Atomix VirtualDJ (Virtual DJ) 2020 Pro Infinity for MAC on the site. We have Windows but not for MAC OSX. With thanks in advance to your AYL team.
05/13/20 10:43 PM
subzero: Do you have "Barry Manilow 2" album? Thanks guys.
05/13/20 07:54 PM
Demented Labrador: Requesting Grids for Instagram Apple Mac version 6.0.10 or one before. Thank you and appreciated as always.
05/13/20 07:52 PM
Biggy: Hello I'm hoping you can find GCSE GCSE revision books for English and math please
05/13/20 02:52 PM
mj017: Hello, Max! Request for 1950 movie "Sunset Blvd." directed by Billy Wilder [link]. TIA & ATB!
05/13/20 12:25 PM
no thanks: is there an audio book of "Idoru" by William Gibson? thx
05/13/20 07:10 AM
CJ: Hey Max, Can you upload: Soldier (1998) with Kurt Russel. Also, Franklyn (2008) with Eva Green. Thanks... :)
05/13/20 05:11 AM
vaughn: Hey Hi Max … Can you please upload the 1986 scifi movie ALIENS with Sigourney weaver ….. Thanks in advance Mr. Max:)
05/13/20 02:17 AM
subzero: Do you have Bonnie Tyler's Natural Force album? Thank you guys.
05/13/20 12:55 AM
Moutain: Hi Max when will the star wars series2160p,4K be release to rarefile.
05/13/20 12:42 AM
Hugito: Any chance on getting all the series for “Red Vs Blue”
05/12/20 11:34 PM
Old Sergeant: Movie: Absolute Power (Clint Eastwood) 1997. Please.
05/12/20 11:09 PM
Mai Tee: Hi Max, any chance you have the movie "First Knight" starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere? Thanks!
05/12/20 04:17 PM
papa: Hi Max, any way to get the TV Show "Love that Bob" with Bob Cummings?
05/12/20 12:34 PM
miguel: Hi Max can you upload In Cold Blood (1967) thanks
05/12/20 09:54 AM
Gabor: Hi Max, Could you please upload the Clint Eastwood film 'Tightrope' from 1984? Thank You very much!
05/12/20 08:17 AM
Gord: Been looking for awhile for the app DRmare Spotify Music Converter (Mac), sure would be great if we could find it here. AS always thanks for your help and consideration, this ais a great CONSISTENT RELIABLE site and I appreciate it
05/12/20 07:45 AM
Dilbert: any chance that you could upload the Rebus series? Thanks!
05/12/20 07:10 AM
Hummer: Requesting 1080p Blu-ray of The People vs Larry Flynt. Thank you
05/12/20 06:55 AM
Hans: You folks are SO wonderful ! Thank you for the Van Halen Disco. You are TRULY wonderful !!!!!
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